About CosmoDoggo

We're driven by hardwork & open communication

CosmoDoggo is a search marketing agency.?We are specializing in SEO and?PPC.?We work with Travel & Leisure companies, well, because it's our expertise.?

We generate profitable campaigns for businesses we like to work closely with. And building such great long term collaboration begins with hardwork and communication.?This is no magic.

We plan and execute

Crystal clear strategy, rapid execution and a lot of iterations. That's what make us different. ?That's what bring you results.

Forget about the outdated, nonsensical strategies proposed by the average agency. You know what you want and we will help you reach it. We align our work to your objectives.

We take our job seriously

(but not ourselves)

The idea for CosmoDoggo came from being frustrated working with complex and time-consuming marketing agencies. After spending hours and hours dealing with awful communication and corporate non-sense, we realized we weren't the only ones.

People need simple, yet efficient partners. We felt it was time and for some strange reason, we quit our jobs and started CosmoDoggo.

Meet the geeks behind CosmoDoggo

Pierre Le Poulain
Lorenzo Trevisio

Less Bark. More bite

Forget about endless ideas and what-if. We are do-ers, we execute, we move fast and do things right.?

Having an ego never led anyone anywhere. Jargon never led anyone to better results. When you work with us, you’re our partner, not our client. Communication is straightforward. We just want to get you results. From day one.

If you are looking for a digital-full-stack-ninja-champion-know-it-all agency, well, bad new : this is not us.?We just do a few services because we are sure how to do them well.?

Find out if we are a match

Let your brand reach orbit.?Contact us.?We don't bite.