Invivox Case Study

Discover how CosmoDoggo helped the medical training marketplace Invivox scale their services with Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Increase of booking per paid channel by +318%?
  • Decreased cost per acquisition by 97,5%
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Invivox is the leading marketplace for every doctor and healthcare professional wishing to train themselves.?They list most of the continuing medical education in Europe.?Thanks to Invivox, professional health workers can now select and subscribe to any training in a few clicks.?

The Challenge

Invivox's hypergrowth is supported by most of the main acquisition channels: SEO, PPC, Social, Newsletter and Referral. The marketing team's focus was then to optimize every channel in order to outperform month over month without spending too much budget.?

The Solution

Granular Targeting

Invivox had already played with Facebook and Google Ads. However the results weren't satisfying enough as cost per acquisition was high and only a few customers were converting. We overcame this issue by organizing a research with several members of Invivox's team. This research allowed us to craft the perfect target customer.?In addition, we revamped the entire facebook ads account.?From audiences to campaign settings, we optimized every element around the final business goal.?

Testing, testing, testing

Discovering the winning formula and combination of audience, bidding and copywriting took us several weeks of intense testing.?Getting inspiration from the web development "sprint system", we did iterations every week.?Over?150?variations were tested for Google?Ads only.?


More leads coming from Google Ads and?Facebook Ads
in cost per acquisition from Google?Ads and Facebook Ads

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