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Discover how CosmoDoggo helped boat rental marketplace SamBoat dominate the search engine in the span of 12?months:
  • Increase of sales by +600%?from SEO and Google Ads
  • Decreased cost per acquisition by 30%
  • Ranked #1 for most of the top search terms in a competitive industry
SamBoat case studies for CosmoDoggo

SamBoat is the leading boat rental marketplace, trusted by over 100,000?people worldwide for their sailing vacation.?SamBoat connects professional charters and private owners to people wishing to rent a boat at the best price.

The Challenge

Already dominating the French market (, SamBoat was looking the expand globally by opening several international markets at the same time in a highly competitive industry.?In order to scale, SamBoat decided to leverage SEO?and Google Ads to dominate the search results.

The Solution

Laser focus on Google Ads

We began by structuring Google Ads campaigns and their ad groups into SKAGs (single keyword ad groups) so that we had granular control of each ad experience and ad destination. From there, we developed a custom strategy?for each ad group that described SamBoat's value proposition in a compelling manner and differentiated their world-class service. We experimented with new bid strategies, innovative Adwords experiments, and further optimization of different stages of their funnel.

Matching landing pages to search intent

We started by analyzing the existing market, from top destinations to competitor footprints.?It helped us prioritize actions and highlight opportunities. We then applied on-page SEO to over 90 pages, each one crafted to ensure each landing page would match keywords and intent targeting in the desired way.?


growth in sales from SEO?and PPC?channels
in cost per acquisition from PPC?channel
now ranking 1st on top competitive search terms

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