Discover how CosmoDoggo helped the peer-to-peer pool rental marketplace Swimmy get the search engine in the span of 12?months:
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Swimmy is the largest peer-to-peer pool rental marketplace in France, trusted by over 50,000?people every summer.?Swimmy connects people with a swimming pool to people wishing to have a blast over an sunny afternoon at the best price.

The Challenge

The concept of peer-to-peer pool rental was relatively new in France.?Swimmy was one of the first to launch alongside 2 others serious competitors.?Summer being the high season for the company, they needed to capture every potential customers looking for a quick afternoon splash. Trying to leave non to the competitions.?

The Solution

Granular Targeting

Swimmy had already played with Google Ads. However the results weren't satisfying enough. Cost per acquisition was high, CTR was low. Impression share wasn't great either, resulting in few conversions. We tackled this issue by doing a analysis and research on search terms and demographics that converts.?We also completely revamped the Google Ads account structure in order to support the new way of targeting customers.?

cosmodoggo ppc performances with Google Ads

Making sure the inventory listing would follow

Swimmy's pool inventory is not infinite.?By heavely targeting one area, the risk of not getting a pool available during a certain period of time was high.?Budget would be wasted.?We developed an internal system that would allow us to adjust bidding in specific area and pause ads if necessary to make sure none of the ads budget would be wasted.?The main factors was monitoring listing available and ROI?on per city.


More leads coming from Google Ads
in cost per acquisition from Google?Ads

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