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Local SEO:?Easy & Efficient

Find out how to increase your leads by correctly managing your GMB and local SEO.

When you’re a local business, one of the most overlooked tools that can increase your direct sales and visits is your local SEO, which is your Google My Business profile.

When people pull out their phones or tablets, they’re ready to buy so you need to make sure your local branding is on point.

Even though local SEO has a huge impact, it is one of the easiest thing to optimise. All you need to follow are a few tips and you’re on your way to becoming the local star in your area.

NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)

This is Google’s fancy acronym for identifying a businesses name, address and phone number. The reason this is important is because Google cross references the information across the web to ensure uniformity.

Apart from the obvious reasons that you should keep this information updated, Google will better rank you if this information is consistent and correct across all directories (we’ll speak about this later). Remember when we said it was easy to optimise? Well this might be the easiest thing to do, so be sure to double check all of your info across all of your channels.

examples of the NAP listing on a GMB profile

Business listing and description

After your NAP, which is usually at the top of your GMB profile, you’ll notice you have plenty of areas where you can include a business description, services you provide and even your daily schedule. If you’re already somewhat familiar with SEO, then you already know that keyword research is very important in mapping your content.

Your keyword research skills will come in handy when filling in this description. With a bit of research and strategising, choose the keywords that are vital for your business and implement them into your description.
Next is your service listing. It may sound obvious again, but most people would be surprised to find out local business often leave this section out. This is your opportunity to showcase all of your talents and products on your GMB profile.

While you’re making yourself sound super important, go ahead and update your daily schedule to make sure you don’t miss clients during working hours.

Description in GMB profile

While you’re making yourself sound super important, go ahead and update your daily schedule to make sure you don’t miss clients during working hours.

Schedule in GMB profile


A common solid practice that all businesses should follow is responding to reviews. In our opinion, there is nothing worse than arriving on a GMB profile with bad reviews and no responses.

Not only does this give the impression that you don’t care, but the user will use the review to make their decision and most often will choose to not call or visit. Regardless of why the negative review was left, it is best to respond to find out more about the clients bad experience or to simply apologise.

This will go a long way to impressing future clients as it shows your beautiful human side on the internet.

Owner response to Google review


For your local SEO, we still have the function of backlinks. Even though the concept is the same, the info provided in those directories and publications is analysed differently.

As discussed previously, it is really important that the directories you submit your site to have the same information, including your NAP, services and schedule. The more directories you have, the more credible your business looks in Google’s eyes.

And that’s it...

While managing your GMB profile can give you several new opportunities, we suggest keeping an eye on it while monitoring your position. Since local SEO, is well local after all, you’ll rank differently depending on what area of the city you’re in. There are several tools you can use to track your ranking in different areas, such as Local Ninja.

example of a local ninja seo result

While performing the constant hardwork of local SEO, be sure to remember that this is the first thing a potential client will see when searching for a business so be sure to put yourself in their shoes.

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