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Your Unique Lifestyle Adventure

Since it first opened its doors in 1997, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (Sunway Pyramid), Malaysia’s first themed shopping and entertainment mall had undergone a magnificent transformation back in 2007 to herald a new shopping kingdom that boasts 4 million sq.ft. of retail extravaganza.

Architecturally spellbinding, this Egyptian-inspired mall with an eye-catching lion standing guard at the entrance is now joined by two glorious domes – the Orange Atrium and Blue Atrium. Inspired by the Sun God ‘Ra’, the Orange Atrium is an architectural marvel with its sun flared pattern and bright, warm and radiant hues, while the Blue Atrium is themed according to the Great River Nile with shades of blue and panels symbolising the water waves of river Nile.

The Egyptian-inspired design still echoes on but in a more contemporary fashion. The rest of the building is embellished in the monumental style, complete with hieroglyphics decorating facades, along with numerous Pharonic statuaries. The re-modeled mall is seamlessly connected on all 4 floors in a loop corridor, offering 360o splendour to shoppers as well as comfort and convenience.

Visitors are in for a unique shopping adventure, all thanks to more than 900 specialty outlets. Be spoilt for choice when you visit our specialty outlets where you will find variety in fashion, accessories, shoes, jewellery, timepieces, music, videos, gifts, souvenirs, leather products, books, pharmacies, electrical products, home furnishing, wellness and a onestop IT centre.

Land Area (sq. ft.) GFA (sq. ft.) NLA (sq. ft.) No. of parking bays Occupancy as at 30 June 2019?(%)
820,070 2,454,795
(Retail & Convention Centre)
1,627,534(Retail) >4,000 97.0
(Car Park)
(Convention Centre)